Our Mission

World Voices: Raising Voices for a Better World.

We will change lives.  The darkness surrounds us and we need to push back.  We need to push back the darkness of poverty, racism, addiction, violence, and fear. We grow weary of jarring headlines in the news.

So we will change lives – of young people singing in a multicultural chorus.  We will change lives through a weekly after-school program that includes music education, art, and leadership training for a multicultural world.  We will change some lives by those same young people traveling the country and the world with a message of peace and harmony.  We will change even more lives as they perform for others.

World Voices came out of the dreams of four people: a minister, a Christian Educator, a music director, and a start-up business consultant.  We wanted to create a place where the many nationalities of Brockton and the surrounding towns could sing together, do art together, and learn leadership skills together.  We imagined a program that would be both high commitment and high reward – where students would emerge as not only excellent musicians and artists, but also as skilled leaders for social change.  We imagined a place where students would raise their voices in the chorus and in the world.

Our Christian faith is central and important to the planning team,  yet we know that more than Christians need to be at the table in conversation and learning.  Therefore, we plan for a multicultural, multi-faith program where everyone’s culture and everyone’s faith are respected, understood, and represented.  We will change some lives in creating a wider base of understanding of the diversity in our towns and in our world.  We will change some lives by increasing awareness and capacity for community where differences are valued and honored and where each person is a cherished part of the whole.


We will change lives – and create a better world.  We need you to be a part of World Voices, helping us raise voices for a better world.

For more information, contact Murray Kidd, Artistic Director at wovoschoir@gmail.com